Thursday, October 13, 2011

The spirit of St. Louis

K,....sooo this is going to be a long post. Mostly pictures so your safe. These are turtles.

This is an european fire salamander.

Giraffe. Te tall one is Dexter, Baby Desirae, and the butt belongs to a giraffe of unknown name.
Camel. Watch out they spit.Lazy lazy Lion.


Black Bears.Goose. It bit Curtis.

Monarch Butterfly.
Dont know what this one is but the pic is good.
Black Bass.

Catfish.Spotted Heieena.
Fish with a background of Hippo butt. :)
Maddie, Sophie, Ashlee, Gavin, And Curtis!!!!
They made the water Red for the Cardinals Playing the Phillies.

Court house.A bridge.

Busch StadiumGavin being a tard.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

just so u know we didn't die....

alrighty then. I just thought id let anyone who ever read this know we aren't dead, just really busy. I am still working for Baker Hughes. the 12 hour shifts make me tired and irritable. Tim has been taking minimum two loads of cement to the field every day. and both of us juggling to try and get the kids, dogs, cats, and house taken care of. by the way, my house is a mess. Tim and the kids don't clean well, and i soo don't have the energy to. We try and get out to see people, but that doesn't work well.
So great news!!! we are buying a house. We are so excited. we will be moving to the Davis area of town. My parents complain that every time we move we get a little further toward Colorado. and a little further from them. We will miss our friends from this part of town, but we cant wait to start working on the new house.
It was built in 1974. it has 2400 sg ft. also has 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. the kitchen is smaller, but will clean faster. we r putting the girls in the master bedroom, Gavin will have his own rooms still, a gust room, and our room will be in the basement. There are some improvements to be made. Some fencing must come down, some painting must be down, and we intend to fix both bathrooms to fit our needs.
I love everyone and miss those i don't see anymore, or very often.

Friday, May 13, 2011

trip to thanksgiving point

wow these are from a while ago sorry, way back in march-ish? dont know, but got some good ones!

what a handsome guy i have
what a pretty lil girl!
wow she's getting big!

Friday, March 25, 2011

sorry 'bout that

Okay so i know that for the last few months, that i have been slacking. Its not intentional, and i have no excuse, but i have been very tired. Yes that's right, the Geier family has been crazy busy! And all that has been left for me is to fall into bed.
The oil field is picking up again. Tim is taking more loads, and i am more busy than usual at work. Even our kids have had more than ever to keep up with, and we cant even keep up with that. We have been busy paying debts, getting papers together, and selling things we don't need ( i have a ford aspire for sell for $400 bucks if anyone is interested).
We have seen Grandpa Gene. he recently took all of two days to drive 20 hours to come see us, and then turn around and drive home the next day. I found it annoying, and he wouldn't have even stayed the night unless i hadn't been a c ow about that.
Blue (the dog) is doing very well. she is even growing the skin back on some of the places she skinned in her accident.
Sophie, Gavin, and Ashlee have been getting bigger. I have been buying tons of new jeans. Well, thats it for now.